Friday, August 6, 2010

Car Accidents and your Bellevue Chiropractor

If you do any driving in a big or medium size city such as Bellevue WA, which is were I practice, you know that seeing a car accident on the highway is almost a daily norm. This is kind of scary when you consider the impact that a car accident has on your body. As a matter of fact a whiplash injury to the neck causes wide spread consequences to your health. “Whiplash injuries not only increase the incidence of chronic neck and shoulder pain, it also significantly increases the incidence of other systemic ill health effects. In other words,whiplash injuries cause more than neck pain and headache, it hurts the health of the entire body.”(Journal of Clinical Epidemiology, 2001)

If you have been in a car accident of any kind in Bellevue you need to be seeing a Bellevue car accident doctor. Car accidents can, and usually do cause injury to the neck and even the low back that, if left untreated can lead to worse problems in the future and even degeneration of the spine.

“It is estimated that 15-40% of those who are injured in a motor vehicle collision will suffer from ongoing chronic pain.”(Journal of the American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons, 2007)

Recent research suggests that even low impact (or fender benders of even 5MPH) can cause damage to the spine, and especially the bones of the neck. It has been documented in both medical and scientific studies that the damage to your vehicle is not related to the whiplash injuries suffered by you, the passenger of the vehicle.

A Bellevue Chiropractor will evaluate your spine by doing specific tests as well as take x-rays to look for any damage to the bones and motion x-rays to look for any damage to the ligaments (the things holding the bones together), and joints.

“Chiropractic spinal adjusting can essentially fix 81% of disabled patients suffering from chronic low back and leg pain, even when other treatment approaches had failed.” (Canadian Family Physician, 1985)

“93% of patients with chronic whiplash pain who have failed medical and physical therapy care improve significantly with chiropractic adjustments.” (Injury, 1996)

If you have been in a recent car accident in Bellevue call your Bellevue Chiropractor today. The sooner you can catch a problem the easier it is to fix!

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